Vine City Neighborhood - Atlanta, GA

In the shadows of the newly built Mercedes Benz Stadium, lies a working-class community filled with vibrant history. What was once a thriving community that housed the great Dr. King, Joseph E. Boone, Ralph D. Abernathy, and Andrew Young is now a blighted neighborhood in jeopardy of losing its historic identity.

This is Vine City.

In 2015, the revitalization of the Westside began in order to complement the new stadium. During this process, several communities, including Vine City, were threatened with the inflation of living cost and revocation of affordable housing. The transition of Atlanta’s landscape is causing neighborhoods to form an image that no longer fits its native pieces.

By sharing this work, I emphasize the historic value of Vine City through sharing residents’ stories. If displacement transpires, these photographs serve as time stamped documentations of a neighborhood that existed before being consumed by commercialization. While viewing this work, I encourage you to visualize what makes your community home. How would you be affected psychologically if your home were erased without consent?